Dan 5mith NEW "WordSmith" album!
Release = June 6 (All digital outlets)
Pre-Order (Expected) = May 30 (iTunes only)

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"Baby Got Book X" - Listen on YouTube! Available at iTunes and Amazon MP3!

Smitty's full-length album "North Coast Patriarchs" is at iTunes and Amazon MP3

Hmmm - I didn't know that Smitty is...

  • An Ohio Hip-Hop Award winner (2012) and nominee (2013)
  • The Main Stage Emcee and a Programming Team Leader for Exponential East (Orlando) & West (L.A.)
  • A Masters of Arts grad in Storytelling
  • One of Cleveland Magazine's 2007 "Most Interesting People"
  • The dude who brought us the viral song/video "Baby Got Book" - which rocked this website with over 26 million hits in its first year!
  • The Lead Minister at Momentum Christian Church (Greater Cleveland)

Sending Church: Stories of Momentum and Multiplication (by Dan Smith)
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Spinoffs are a risky business-a gamble that should only be taken by large, resourced churches that can afford to take the hit. Congregations need to have a certain amount of people or money before seriously considering the insanity of multiplication. Regular churches are off the hook. They can just focus on building up one church, letting others worry about a bigger vision for the region, city, province, or world.


In this FREE eBook, Dan Smith, Lead Minister of Momentum Christian Church (Greater Cleveland) drops stories, parables, insights, challenges and a lot of humor about being a Sending Church. In 2005, Smith led the team that started Momentum. On paper, Momentum's just a regular church. For their first nine years, they averaged 250 people or less. But the numbers don't tell the whole story. In obedience to God's vision for multiplication, the church has created a strong "sending culture" to help reach more broken people through new churches. Sending Church tells the story of Momentum through the lens of multiplication, but it doesn't stop there. With brutal honesty, Smitty shares the difficulties and rewards of giving before you can afford to give, and sending before you can afford to send.




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