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Filled with witty wordplay, strong singing vocals, & creative storytelling, “WordSmith” has a wide range of tones and styles. “Unconditional” is an immediate earworm, and “Baby Got Book X” (“I like big Bibles and I cannot lie…”) presents a chunky 10th anniversary mix of Dan’s viral comedy hit. 5mith offers his “Brutal” testimony as encouragement to those stuck in difficult situations. “Dawg Pound” is a rock-based jam for the underdog, and the screams of “Haunted House” bring Jesus’ creepiest parable (Luke 11:24-26) to life. With beats by Regis “K-Drama” Jones & Grammy award winner Alex “Juice” Hitchens, this album is easily 5mitty’s best offering so far.

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Dawg Pound

Haunted House

Baby Got Book X

Brutal (Live Acapella)

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