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Dan started traveling & speaking in the summer of 1995 when he was the campfire speaker for the high school week at Mountainview Christian Camp in Dansville, NY. The first “big” convention he was asked to keynote was Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention (PCTC) in 2003. Since then he has spoken for adults, students, and church leaders at churches, camps, retreats, public schools, state teen conventions, and church planting events.

Church camps have always been one of his favorite venues for speaking and rapping, because of the impact camps have had on him throughout his life. When he was 15 years old, Dan decided to follow Jesus after being invited to Lake James Christian Assembly (Angola, IN). During college, Dan spoke at Camp Allendale (Trafalgar, IN) and realized God had been preparing him to become a preacher. Dan has also formed some really key friendships and ministry partnerships with students and adult leaders after serving at weeks of camp.

Dan is really passionate about connecting with students and adults who don’t follow Jesus, especially since he didn’t grow up in a Christian home. He LOVES talking about his adventure of starting new churches for people who are spiritually lostwho never expected they would be involved in a church. He loves challenging Christian adults to put their faith into action. And he gets really hyped about serving middle school and high school students.

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Dan was born in Toledo, Ohio to a single Mom and did not know his biological father while he was growing up. During his childhood and adolescence, Dan made a lot of unguided choices that he would classify as “boneheaded.” Luckily, his grandfather took an active role in raising and instilling values into him. Since then, Dan has always wanted to make an impact on younger generations. Starting in 19945, Dan began speaking to young people whenever he was given the opportunity. Now he has spoken to thousands of students across the country at  schools, universities,conferences, conventions, camps, and retreats.

“I met Dan in 1995 when he was still dating Shannon and had just started speaking to students. He is a dynamic communicator and has consistently demonstrated a life of character, faithfulness, respect, sacrifice, and joy. I have seen how students, including my own children, have responded to him as a role model.”

Rick Rolston, Retired Public School Superintendent & Adjunct Professor
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